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How to Handle an Arrest Before Contacting a Lawyer for Help

When someone is arrested, how they act immediately after the arrest and throughout their case can have a huge impact on the outcome of their case. It's important for the person to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after their arrest. However, there are some things they should keep in mind from the point they're stopped by the police until they can speak with their lawyer.

Avoid Talking as Much as Possible

Talking is not going to help the person avoid being arrested and, once they're arrested, they cannot talk themselves out of the arrest. All talking can do is give the police more evidence, even without the person meaning to. If the person is stopped by the police and questioned, they should answer questions like what their name is but should avoid answering further questions without legal representation.

Make Sure to Request a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Anyone who is arrested will want to request their lawyer as soon as possible. Those who are arrested will want to make sure they have lawyers like one from Wallin & Klarich with them when they do need to answer any questions. The lawyer knows what to say and what to avoid saying so the person doesn't end up making their situation a lot worse. The lawyer will do much of the talking for them and will let them know when it's time to stop saying anything at all.

Follow Instructions From the Lawyer

The arrested person will want to make sure they hire one of the best criminal lawyers so they have help from the time they're arrested to the end of the case. Throughout this, their lawyer will provide advice on what to say about the case, who they should or shouldn't talk to, and the actions they can take while they're waiting for the hearings to complete. The arrested person should listen to all of the advice from their lawyer and make sure they follow it all carefully to avoid further issues.

If you've been arrested, make sure you don't accidentally give the police more evidence against you by admitting to anything or trying to talk your way out of an arrest. Then, request a lawyer quickly so you can start getting the help you need right away. If you've been arrested, speak with one of the Riverside Criminal Lawyers now so you can learn more about the help they can provide and so you can start getting help with your case.